What’s up and coming?

The annual HACK@CODE Competition is here! This year we have 2 categories – Scratch and Robotics. Exciting themes and many awards, form a team and join us now!


How was code.JAM formed?

We are a team of trio and have come together to empower our young generations and enhance learning in a creative and interactive approach. Together with the same goal, direction and mindset, our values in education is to inculcate inclusiveness in learning.

Check out our latest Publications as we share some interesting articles and insights on how coding has benefited children.

Our Courses

The classes are carefully thought out and designed for kids of different age groups to pick up and learn. Jr Robotics, Robotics and Scratch are physical face-to-face classes. Due to the pandemic, many have also requested for online classes. Check out the Online Special to learn more.

We have incorporated STEAM learning in our curriculum, so that children would be able to better appreciate real world applications.


Jr Robotics

To spark their interest in coding for children between 4 to 7. Art and craft will be incorporated with LEGO WeDo. This will be a great way to kick-start your child’s journey into coding.


Enter into the world of creativity! Let your creativity run wild in creating robots to solve different real-life problems.

Check out our specially curated courses which caters to different age groups.


Create interactive animations and games using  on Scratch! Help our young coders think creatively, build computational thinking and reasoning skills.

We welcome the younger kids from 4 to 7 to join our Jr. Explorers programme.


What is STEAM Education?


Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics are the core subjects to drive innovation in the future. Thus, these subjects have become increasingly popular in the recent years.


STEAM education adopts the use of these subjects to guide learners to develop their critical thinking and problem solving skills. Experiential learning is also part of this process.

Why Choose Us


Over 15 years of experience in training children


Devised differentiated teaching style to cater to various learning pace and capabilities


We are passionate and committed to educating and empowering creativity through play


Through our activities, we strive to cultivate every child into a responsible and independent problem-solver


Jacob enjoyed the sessions at Code.JAM. He loves playing with LEGO since young and having learned a few tricks to make LEGO robots move has heightened his interest in creating. He is fascinated by it. Thanks to Teachers Mei & Jennet for tailor fitting the class, taking into consideration his abilities and for the patience and enthusiasm in teaching.

Jacob’s Mum


My son has attended various schools for Robotics classes and code.Jam is the best!
The lessons were fun and inspiring. The trainers were patient and very knowledgeable. Highly recommend code.Jam to parents who are looking to send their children for Robotics classes.

Ansel’s Mum