Benefits of Coding


All enrichment classes aim to supplement and enhance kids’ basic educational journey. Different types of enrichment classes have different set of benefits. However, coding & robotics in particular is exceptionally beneficial for your kids!

Here are 5 reasons why your kids should learn to code:

1. Coding teaches computational skills
The process of writing codes not just develop cognitive skills but also lets your kids learn problem-solving skills that are similar to computational thinking.

2. Coding is the new literacy
Kids these days are growing up in a digital world with computers, mobile phones and all types of digital technologies embedded in their daily lives, even some of their toys are digitally programmed. Coding exposes them to the magic behind the science of digital technology so they can better understand what controls this technology.

3. Coding is fun and satisfying
Learning how to code gives your kids a great sense of achievement for example, when they are able to programme their toys.How fun is that?!

4. Coding improves creativity
The process of coding motivates kids to think outside the box. The endless searching for solutions and variations of coding maximises their creativity.

5. Coding provides a competitive advantage
Coding for kids should be introduced as young as possible so as to set them up for a successful future. It teaches skills that will be immediately relevant in tomorrow’s job market and the opportunities for those who know how to code will definitely rise in future.