The Future is Here!


Ever wondered why coding and robotic enrichment classes are so popular these days?

Maybe this news article in the Straits Times might shed some light.

Here are some interesting points from this article:

– Delhi government school students are coding their way to a bright future! The federal government’s National Education Policy released this year identifies mathematical and computational thinking as key skills required for the future and recommends introducing coding in middle school.

– A host of Indian firms have cashed in on that hope in recent years, offering coding classes to children as young as those in kindergartens. The craze climbed to new heights amid the pandemic – with growing acceptance of online learning and parents seeking various ways to keep their children engaged, while being restricted from schools and their friends.

– An edtech start-up started running an ad aggressively promoting their online coding classes and the ad features children singing in unison “coders are the hope of generations…learn coding, change the world.”

– Mr Arora, a Noida-based technology professional enrolled his 9 year-old son for coding classes said “ Coding also invokes logical thinking, so that was another reason to opt for these classes.” His son spends two hours every week attending the coding classes, but better this than time in front of the television set, Arora said.

– A new rat race has emerged among parents worried about their children’s futures. “If my child has not learnt coding, he or she is handicapped and will get left behind in the race.”

Source: Straits Times, Thursday, November 26, 2020