Go with the flow


Excessive time spent on computers for kids is a major concern for parents these days. And their concerns are valid, especially when they are at an impressionable young age.

Parents cope by limiting their kids’ screen time which is great. However, why not channel that enthusiasm by exposing them to pick up some useful digital skills instead?

Introduce your kids to the exciting world of coding and robotics as young as possible.

Kids these days are growing up in a very different world, even their toys are mostly digital and many have programmes. It gives them a head start to understand what control their digital toys and the ‘science’ behind the technology.

Coding teaches kids to breakdown hard problem into different parts. When they learn how to write code they not only develop cognitive skills but also learn the problem-solving process that’s similar to a computer.

Let their creativity run wild in creating robots to solve different real-life problems. It will also help strengthen their skills in math, problem-solving, reading etc. Endless searching for solutions and variations of coding motivate them to use their creative minds.

As Bill Gates once said “ Learning to write programmes not only help you think better but also stretches your mind.”