HACK@CODE – LEGO Robotics Competition


Teams (up to 3 members per team) are to build and program a Lego robot to complete the mission and score as many points as possible within the given time limit. There will be 2 categories:

  • Junior Category (Age 7 to 12, i.e. Primary 1 to Primary 6)
  • Senior Category (Age 13 to 16, i.e. Secondary 1 to Secondary 4)

The theme for this year is Autonomous Last-Mile Delivery Drones. The mission will simulate an environment where a robot is tasked to deliver goods from a sorting facility and bring them to the collection point and return to the docking station.


Objectives (Refer to Downloads)

    • Robot starts at Box 1
    • Collecting goods – There are 4 coloured goods/blocks placed in the 4 collection zones as shown above. An example of the coloured block is shown below. It is built using 6 2×4 bricks.
    • Dropping off goods – bring coloured blocks to its respective coloured drop-off zones
    • Docking – Robot ends fully in Box 2


Objectives Each Total
Collecting goods (goods are fully out of their original position) 5 20

Dropping off goods


  • goods/blocks are fully in the incorrect coloured box
  • goods/blocks are fully in the correct colouted box







Docking (robot is fully inside the end zone) 20 20


Mission Details

    • Robot size is 25cm x 25cm x 25cm (LxBxH).
    • The run time for the mission is 150 seconds.
    • Any LEGO platform is allowed.
    • No restriction to the number of sensors allowed.
    • Any programming software or language is allowed.



Robotics Playfield

Playfield Labelled

LEGO Brick Prop


Click HERE to place order for your Playfield.


Rules for Robot Run Video

  • Video of the run cannot be edited. It must be taken in one take.
  • The resolution of the video must be at least 720p.
  • A stopwatch/timer must be shown throughout the entire video.
  • The video must show the entire playfield in landscape orientation.
  • Email your entries to us at hackcode2052@gmail.com latest by 29 September 2023, 2359hrs.
  • Name the video file with your school’s name followed by your team’s name.


List of Awards

Robot performance awards base on score and time of the robot run:

  • Robot Performance 1st
  • Robot Performance 2nd
  • Robot Performance 3rd
  • Robot Performance 4th
  • Robot Performance 5th
  • Robot Performance 6th
  • Robot Performance 7th
  • Robot Performance 8th
  • Robot Performance 9th
  • Robot Performance 10th


Register here now!

  • Participate as an individual or form a team of not more than 3.
  • Register online as private entities or MOE registered schools.
  • Make payment for Registration fee of $30 (for both individual or team). MOE school registration will be e-invoiced through Vendors@gov by Tribal Studioz.

Feel free to drop us any questions via email or call.