What is HACK@CODE?


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HACK@CODE is a national online thematic coding competition jointly organized by Code.JAM and Tribal Studioz that calls on young coders of any ages between 7 to 14 years old to put their coding skills into actions.

Based on a given theme, participants can sign up as individuals or form teams (with not more than 3 per team) to create interactive stories, animations, games or a hybrid of all using the Scratch platform to showcase their creative ideas and solutions. There will be 3 age categories that participants will be competing in: 

    • Junior Category (Age 7 to 9 i.e. Primary 1 to Primary 3)
    • Intermediate Category (Age 10 to 12 i.e. Primary 4 to Primary 6)
    • Senior Category (Age 13 to 14, Secondary 1 & 2)

The theme for 2021’s competition is The Future of Transportation. Since early times, humans have sought ways to make traveling faster and more convenient. First, we invented the wheel, then carts and wagons, steam power, and the internal combustion engine. The innovation continued with electric cars, bikes and autonomous vehicles. Ideas that seemed to belong only to the realm of science fiction are being made a reality. Defying gravity by flying through the skies on a jetpack, riding in a flying taxi and travelling long distances at supersonic speed are made possible with advancement in technology. Unleash your creativity by peeping into the future how we will move both ourselves, products and goods from place to place.

How it works?

Step 1: Participate as an individual or form a team of not more than 3 friends.  

Step 2: Proceed to register online as Private entities or MOE registered schools.  

Step 3: Make payment for Registration fee of $30 (for both individual or team). MOE schools registration will be e-invoiced through Vendors@gov by Tribal Studioz.  

Step 4: Watch the following video to register for a free Scratch On-line account https://scratch.mit.edu/ . Please use an existing valid email so that it can be verified and use for entry submission. 

Step 5: Start the ball rolling!  

Step 6: Email your entries to us hackcode2050@gmail.com latest by 12 November 2021, and include the shared link of your project in your Scratch account. ***Submission deadline has been extended to 16 Nov 2021, 2359hrs***

Step 7: Results will be announced via email and will updated on our website. Winners will be notified through email and prizes will be physically delivered.   


List of Awards for Each Category

  • Championship Award
  • 1st Runner Up
  • 2nd Runner Up
  • Most Inspirational Award
  • Most Aesthetically Designed Award
  • Most Interactive Design Award
  • Best Coding Award
  • Best Presentation Award
  • Best Content Award
  • Judges Award
  • Merit Award
  • Special Commendation Award 

Important Information

Submission of entries latest by 12 November 2021, 2359 hrs. Upload your project in your Scratch account and email us the shared link to hackcode2050@gmail.com .


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Feel free to drop us any questions via email or call.