WeDo + Scratch

Does your child have a creative mind? Loves to play with LEGO? If the answer is yes, then you’ll love this course!

PlayDo is when children play and do at the same time. Play with LEGO, WeDo it with creativity just by a click drag and drop motion to program it to move and animate your Robots & animals and bring them to life! In the exciting course, you’ll learn the engineering concepts of how Belt, Pulleys, and Cam work together.

Watch them move and make use of the different sensors to activate them

Build & create using block-based programming and bring the robots to life!

What are the fun stuff you will learn?

  • Creating many “Aha!” moments
  • Basic digital literacy
  • Introduction into the world of Engineering, Coding & Robotics
  • Incorporate construction techniques with block-based programming
  • Understand the concept of operators, loops and if-else conditions
  • Exposure to different sensors like Motion Sensors, Motors, Tilt sensors and how it relates to real-world applications
  • Understanding basic mechanisms of gears, rotations and how it works together
  • Unleash your creativity in construction and storyboarding activities 
  • Final Project: Apply design thinking techniques to come up with a solution for the problem posed 

Course Outline

Day 1

  • Introduction to wedo set and recognise the parts
  • Explore the set and how to fit the motor to the Smart Hub
  • Introduction to Scratch platform
  • Learn to navigate around the Scratch GUI
  • Basic construction techniques
  • Construct a fan and design a switch on Scratch
  • Learn to code the motor to move using block-based programming on Scratch
  • Mini Project: Build a robotic animal and create an animation on Scratch

Day 2

  • Explore and understand the different types of mechanisms
  • Construct a gear mechanism
  • Learn about the usage of such gears in real-life applications
  • Construct a recycling truck 
  • Learn how a pulley system operates
  • Understand the concept of loop in programming
  • Mini Project: Build a mechanism or vehicle with the use of gears

Day 3

  • Introduction to distance sensor
  • Learn about the use of such sensors in real-life applications
  • Understand the concept of operators
  • Construct a spy robot
  • Programme the spy robot to alert you when it sensors movement
  • Construct a rover bot
  • Programme the rover bot to move forward until it detects a plant in front
  • Mini Project: Build a robotic vehicle that will avoid obstacles and create an animation on Scratch

Day 4

  • Introduction to tilt sensor
  • Programme the motor to respond to the input from the tilt sensor
  • Learn about the useage of such sensors in real-life applications
  • Understand the concept of “if” condition
  • Construct a balance scale
  • Programme the system to alert you when the scale tilts
  • Mini Project: Build a robot that uses the tilt sensor to control its movement

Day 5

  • Introduction to Design Thinking through a real-life problem
  • 5 Steps process: Empathise, define, ideate, prototype and test
  • Articulate the problem and brainstorm solutions
  • Finalise a solution and design it with the parts and sensors in the set
  • Test out the prototype, troubleshoot and modify
  • Finally, showcase the prototype and explain how it works


Connect ideas, power innovation!


Build together , succeed together.


Challenges unleash creativity!

Design Thinking

Innovate with intention, design with purpose!

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