Level Up


Level up their playtime! Expose them to the stimulating world of coding & robotics!

Have you ever wonder how you can ‘upgrade’ your kids’ toys? Take the popular Lego bricks for instance, other than promoting creativity, imagine how amazing if your kid’s Lego creations can be programmed to move on command?

Level up their playtime to pick up coding skills. Introduce them to the stimulating world of coding and robotics. Imagine programming robots to bring them to life!

There are many types of play and the most notable being constructive play. One of the best example of a structured constructive play is definitely coding and robotics.

Constructive play is all about building, shaping, and manipulating things to create something new. The onset of constructive play shows your kids are developing the ability to plan.

Constructive play is goal-oriented, it promotes creativity and problem solving, and gives your kids a sense of accomplishment. Cognitive skills are used to figure out how to make something work best, challenging their problem solving abilities to maximise their mental potential.

The next time you see a moving Lego creation, you know that your kid’s playtime is now at the next level!