Nothing is going to stop the kids from learning. With the uncertainties of the pandemic, the code.JAM team has designed a micro:bit class which will be conducted virtually. Read more about it below.

Code & Build with micro:bit (Series 2)

Here’s the sequel to our Series 1 workshop! We welcome any 7 to 12 year old with some experience on coding or robotics.

Every participant will receive a package before the online classes commence. This special package includes the physical builder kit (MOVE mini buggy MK2 Kit), which will be used during the 10 hour programme.

Do note that the package does not include the micro:bit v2. But not to worry, let us know if you need one and we will get it delivered to you together!

What you will learn:

  1. Design thinking and scaffolding of problem
  2. Identify the problem statement
  3. Design a solution for the problem
  4. Getting hands-on with building a prototype
  5. Analyse and troubleshoot prototypes


Pre-requisite: Laptop or Computer with webcam

Here’s a video introducing how fun the mini buggy kit can be. Go on to our micro:bits (Series 1) to check out the video showing how micro:bits work.

The flashing heart mini project is just one of the fun ways we can code the micro:bit on MakeCode. Endless possibilities!

Feel free to drop us any questions via email or call.