Robotics involves design, construction, coding and most importantly, problem solving. Simply put, robotics is a branch of engineering. Still to many, robotic sounds complex and hard to grasp.

At code.JAM, we aim to build aspiring engineers to be effective problem solvers. Besides the core coding skills, our courses are designed to scaffold complicated concepts and to encourage teamwork. These are all beneficial lifelong skills.

The application of robotics is broad. We have waiter robots, cleaner robots, security robots and even healthcare robots.

Robotics Classes

Robo Builder

Enter into the world of creativity! Let your creativity run wild in creating robots to solve different real-life problems.

Robo Prentice

Pick up the basics of coding through the Robo-Prentice series; designed to equip you with the fundamentals of EV3 robotics.

Robo Coder

After completion of Robo-Prentice, level up to Robo-Coder series to learn more about the advance logic sequencing and coding.