Course Outline

Level 1 is an introductory course using Lego Mindstorms EV3. Kids will be able to identify the parts in Lego Mindstorms EV3.


  • – Introduction to Lego Mindstorm EV3
  • – Introduction to sensors (touch and colour)
  • – Build a robot
Level 2 is an introductory course to allow the kids to recognise the different usage of the motors.


  • – Using a 3rd motor to construct a grabber and launcher!
Level 3 will allow the kids to put work together as a team to strategize and complete the tasks given!


  • – Construct a 3rd motor shooter
  • – Using wireless remote device to control the robot

Theme: “Colour” Me!

  • Do you think Robots are able to recognize colours? Or are they colour-blind?
  • Let’s discover how we can help our Robots open their “eyes” and be able to even recognize colours and move according to colours shown to their “eyes”
  • This is an exciting journey for absolute beginners to embark onto to have Versatility, think out of the box and build resilience
  • There will be a lot of teamwork, communication skills involved.
  • We strongly believe that kids learn best through play, kids will develop competent problem solving through fun and play
  • They will also be deepening their logical thinking through different hands-on construction activities

Theme: Claw Machine


  • In our first level, we have discovered how Robots can “see” with their “eyes”,  next up we want to give them “hands”.
  • Kids will build an awesome Grabber which allows them to grab anything! (Be creative, think out of the box! :D)
  • The best part? Not only can it be a grabber, our robot is able to function as a launcher too! Learn how to create and apply design thinking techniques to solve problems and modify it to become a launcher.

Theme: Future meets Robotics


  • Imagine a world that can be controlled at the tip of your fingers, a world with flying cars, a world with tech beyond imagination. How cool is that?
  • In this level, we will embark on more creativity where kids will get to construct and control via a wireless remote device.
  • On this journey to the future, kids will go through discussion process and apply it back to the real world through fun and learning in the LEGO world