Course Details

LEGO Mindstorms EV3

Three levels (3 hours each)

Class size of maximum 6

No pre-requisite or materials required

Training materials and equipment provided.

Time slots: 9:30am -12:30pm or 2 – 5pm

Weekly classes or holiday camps available. (Reach out to us to find out more)

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Course Outline

Part 1: Structures & Building Concepts

Level 1 is an introductory course using Lego Mindstorms EV3.

First of all, participants will be able to identify the common parts in a LEGO Mindstorms set. Next, they will learn about the concepts of links and joints, which will then guide them towards building 2D and 3D structures.

Our construction activities are designed to guide our young learners to learn about these concepts on building and stability while relating them to real world applications.

– Introduction to LEGO Mindstorms EV3

– Forming firm 2D and 3D structures

– Build a basic robot  

– Inputs and outputs of the robot

Throughout the course of our Robo-Builder series, Design Thinking concepts will also be taught to our participants. Particularly in Level 1, we will be focusing on defining the problem statement.

Part 2: “Colour” me!

– Introduction to Sensors (touch and colour sensors)

– Understanding and drawing flow charts

– Develop logical thinking through activities and tasks

– Work on teamwork and communication skills through group discussions

– Controls of the robot

  • Do you think Robots are able to recognize colours? Or are they colour-blind?
  • Let’s discover how we can help our Robots open their “eyes” and be able to even recognize colours and move according to colours shown to their “eyes”
  • This is an exciting journey for absolute beginners to embark onto to have Versatility, think out of the box and build resilience
  • We strongly believe that kids learn best through play, kids will develop competent problem solving through fun and play
  • They will also be deepening their logical thinking through different hands-on construction activities

Part 1: Energy 

Level 2 is focused on the concept of work done and energy. To appreciate how things around us function, it is important to first understand the concept of conservation of energy. Our bite size activities encourage the children to have a deeper thought about the situation and to arouse their curiosity in everyday things.

– Principle of Conservation of Energy

– Different forms of energy

– Activities to learn about the conversion of energy

– To define the problem statement in achieving the mission

– Using a 3rd motor to construct a grabber and launcher!

In our first level, we have discovered how Robots can “see” with their “eyes”. Here, we are building “hands” for it!

Part 2: Tackling Waste

Managing waste has always been a huge and challenging issue for small and vibrant countries like Singapore. Hence, it is essential to discover how technology has helped us in tackling this issue.

– Apply Design Thinking techniques, like Empathise, Define and Ideate, to build attachments which will help sort and manage the LEGO “waste”

– Test out and troubleshoot to further improve on the ideas

– Show and tell presentation for everyone to share their design and its uniqueness

Part 1: Drones/Robots in Search and Rescue Missions

In the first part, the children will learn about how useful and important drones and robots are in helping the frontliners in rescuing lives. Although natural disasters are not common in our sunny island, it sure is important to stay vigilant at all times! With technological advancements, we believe that these machines will help to better serve the humanity in all aspects of life.

–  Children are to work together as a team to strategize and complete the tasks given

– Construct a 3rd motor shooter attachment

– Learn about the concept of plug and play with all the attachments built in level 1 and 2

– Use wireless remote device to control the robot

– Develop every individual as a team player when group work are given


  • Imagine a world that can be controlled at the tip of your fingers, a world with flying cars, a world with tech beyond imagination. How cool is that?
  • In this level, we will embark on more creativity where kids will get to construct and control via a wireless remote device.
  • On this journey to the future, kids will go through discussion process and apply it back to the real world through fun and learning in the LEGO world