Have you thought of animating your own story or designing an exciting game? Or have you asked yourself how video games were created?

In this workshop, you will be equipped with the coding concepts and knowledge to create almost just anything you can imagine. From a simple math quiz to an advertisement to promote your favourite cartoon character, it is limitless.

You’ll learn in Scratch Basic Level 1 and 2:

  • What’s Scratch
  • Storyboarding with a socially meaningful theme
  • How to navigate the software
  • To create and customise a character
  • The functions of the different coding blocks
  • Incorporate timers
  • Basic dialogue between player and narrator
  • Logic sequencing
  • Flow charting
  • Add music and edit it to spice up your creation
  • Broadcast messages
  • Troubleshooting and testing

Introduction to Scratch and block-based coding

Create storyline of the animation

Apply basic coding concepts into the design

Share and present ideas

Level 1 will be an introductory class, with the focus on basic coding concepts and storyboarding.

Level 2 will help our young coders progress steadily and understanding the use of more programming blocks. These will aid them in creating a more engaging and interactive animation.

Along the way, our professional educators will also guide the learners how to troubleshoot and code independently. Ultimately, we hope that will all these knowledge and skills, all our learners can bring their coding to the next level even at home.

Explore the endless possibilities with Scratch coding!