Our online special will be conducted via only video conferencing application, in hope to help children who are staying home to continue to stay inquisitive through this COVID-19 situation. We welcome siblings to join together as well.

Scratch Bootcamp

The Scratch Bootcamp will be conducted online by our experienced trainer with a class size of no more than 6 children. In this Bootcamp, we aim to equip our participants with the basics of coding and the understanding of programming concepts.

Two Options:

  • 3 consecutive days (2 hours each day)
  • 5 consecutive days (2 hours each day)

What you will learn how to:

  1. Navigate the software
  2. Apply elements of coding
  3. Do flow charting and build on logical thinking
  4. Pick and choose sprites and backgrounds from library
  5. Upload images
  6. Move and control the characters
  7. Paint or change costume of characters
  8. Build a new game/animation everyday
  9. Perform troubleshooting on the code



Click on the video below to take a look at one of the games that we will be designing during the bootcamp.


Feel free to drop us any questions via email or call.