Stimulate Your Brain


Kids’ growth and development can be influenced by many factors. As a parent, you want to maximise your kids’ potential and find ways to stimulate not just their physical growth but also their mental development as well.

Working memory refers to how we hold on to and work with information stored in short-term memory. Kids use this to learn and follow multi-step directions such as solving math problems. This is an important executive function skill for kids to nurture and develop.

Here are some exercises and tips to boost kids’ memory power:

1. Work on visualisation skills by creating mind maps.
– encourage kids to create a picture in their mind of what they have just read or heard.

2. Make it multi-sensory.
– Using multiple senses to process information. A good example is Lego robotics enrichment classes where kids can apply multi-sensory strategies making their Lego creations come alive and move!

3. Break information into smaller bites.
– learning to code is an ideal as it teaches kids to breakdown hard problem into smaller steps to work towards a creative solution.

4.Try games that uses visual memory.
– flash cards and brain teaser games are greatly effective in boosting their visual memory.

5. Help make connections.
– Help your kid connect different details and information to solve problems. For example, in coding, kids are taught to search for solutions and connections to come up with a plan, organise it and carry out their plan.